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Below we have listed some answers that might come in handy when you buy an OILI wearable. If you cannot find what you are searching for, please reach out by e-mail at hi@oili.se 

What is a wearable?

A wearable can be any piece of clothing or accessory that has an electronic device incorporated and is worn on the body. Wearables can be applied and used for many different purposes. The OILI wearable is particularly used to make payments (besides being a fashion statement on your wrist).

How do I activate my OILI wearable?

Before using it, you need to activate your OILI wearable by connecting your preferred payment card through our partner, Fidesmo. Read more and connect here.

What do I do if I lose my OILI wearable?

You need to remove or pause your payment card connected/activated to your OILI wearable. Do it easy via Fidesmo's self-service portal here.

How does the payment solution work?

You can read more about the solution on the page Payment solution. If you have more questions, our partner Fidesmo will be able to help you! Read more on their website here.

Which bankcards can be used for my OILI wearable? 

A list on supported banks through OILI can be found here (scroll all the way down).

Is it safe to pay with the OILI wearable? 

Yes! Your card information is never stored in the wearable, only a reference is used to identify your card when purchasing. Read more at about the payment solution at fidesmo (The payment solution and our partner)

Is it possible to return my OILI wearable if I am unsatisfied with the product?

We have a 30 day return policy, which means that you can return your item to us within 30 calendar days upon receiving your order. Read more about the return process on the page Return & refund.

Is there an age limit for the OILI wearable?

It depends, the only thing needed is a card with a bank supported by Mastercard. A list on supported banks through OILI can be found here (scroll all the way down). However if you're under 18, don’t worry, the possibility to to use an OILI is still there. How it will work is through your parents bank accounts. Your parent will use their preferred card/account and connect to preferred OILI wearable and then you're free to to go! Also payments up to 200 kr are code-free meaning you only need to blip the wearable on the payment terminal to complete your purchase. 

For Swedish customers only- Marginalen Bank has another option for anyone (only for people 18 y/o and older) looking to get an OILI wearable and then have it connected to their own card. The card "I'm Yours" is a debit card, free from fees, meaning it doesn't cost anything to have and supports the OILI wearable! Read more about the card here.

How do I clean the OILI wearable?

To clean your OILI wearable you'll be needing a cloth/toothbrush. For the lighter dirt stains the cloth and warm water on the stain will do! For the tougher dirt stains add some soap into the water and together with the cloth rub gently. When the stains are gone use a dry cloth to wipe away all the soapy residue remaining. Dry the wearable with a clean cloth and then let it air dry.

Is the OILI wearable waterproof/water resistant?                  

We at OILI say that it is suitable for the majority of normal life activities and because of this, it being water resistant. We cannot guarantee that it is the best option for e.g diving and so on because of the chip placed inside of the wearable but other than that you will not have to worry. 

Something we missed?

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