Activation of your OILI wearable

1. To be able to connect your payment card, your card must be in the list of Fidesmo Pay supported cards. Find out here

2. Your OILI wearable requires activation before it can be used. Activate it by clicking here.

Make safe, wearable payments on the go! The OILI wearable contains a NFC chip from our partners at Fidesmo. Through Fidesmo Pay you can connect your payment card and make safe and simple contactless payments with your OILI wearable. 

Wherever there is a blipsymbol, you blip your wearable just like you would do with your card! When you connect your payment card to your wearable, a reference is created with a different card number. This means that you only have to block your wearable for payments if you lose it. (not your physical payment card.)

You use the same PIN code for your wearable as you do for your payment card. The PIN is required for larger purchases, but sometimes also for smaller ones.